Walking Football

Over 50s Walking Football

Thought your days of playing the Beautiful game were a thing of the past?

Its time to re-launch your football career, only at a slower pace. Walking Football is a new phenomenon sweeping the country, where older players can get fit whilst having fun. Improve your cardio vascular fitness, increase muscle strength and joint mobility or simply relive those glory days.

Download the Medical form and check with your Doctor for permission to participate.
one of subscription is £ 10 to register and each hour long session is £ 3.00

You can download and view the rules of walking football here – Hampshire FA – Laws of Walking Football

The rules are similar to 5 a side except there is no running or slide tackling. You have to be over 50 years old and if you have had previous medical problems, you need your Doctors approval – Click on the Gallery on the Home page for some short Demonstrations.

We are currently playing in the Farnborough area Monday and Friday Mornings 10-11am and Fridays evenings 8-9pm and hope to arrange challenge matches at a later date. Contact Mick Quinn for more details and directions.

Image of footballs on a pitch | Walking Football
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